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Weather IA is beautifully animated free application that offers a 7 days weather forecast. It collects online data from most reliable providers so that your weather forecasts are always accurate and up to date.

Application offers a current, hourly and long term 7 days forecast for most locations around the globe. It displays information related to current/min/max temperature, precipitation, wind speed, cloudiness, humidity, air pressure, sunrise/sunset time and more.

Searching for a location is facilitated by autosuggest dictionary to cut down on the time spent on typing. Location can also by automatically populated from the GPS device. Whether you travel to New York, Chicago or Los Angeles, extended forecasts can be displayed based on your current location. This option is available from the Settings menu (GPS location has to be enabled on the device too).

Short term and long term (one week) weather forecast information can be displayed in either metric or royal system units. Appro