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The king of Pool billiards

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We are proud to present you The King of Pool billiards(8ball). King of Pocket billiards is the only one that contains standard Pocket billiards game Eight-ball & trick shot. We believe that everyone is a gamer at heart and that games are a great source of joy and relaxation.
Not hard at all!
Online multi-play game is serviced anywhere in the world!
Smoother ball movements, applied physical engine, Immediacy, Ultimate control with all these, you just can’t help yourself from falling in love with this fantastic Pocket billiards world.
Become a King through ‘King of Pocket billiards’
Anyone can be the one!

Game Features:
- Single play: Step by step to exciting stages!
- Multi play: Go head-to-head against real players live in online.
- VS Play: Play with friends. (With Partner)
- Global leaderboards, fun achievements!
- Quick match by Google Play
- Invite your friends for a quick match.
- Google play service platform
- Various Tables