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Are you looking for a fastest racing game ? Here you will reach the speed of light by equipping your car with teleportation feature.

Teleride gets advantage on the 3D racing game market through introducing a unique twist to traditional driving competition. If you want to win the race you will need to combine speed, reflex and strategic calculation of the final result.

* Teleportation gun access right in the center of racing action - reach the speed of light,
* 3 driver paths, including dedicated set of cars
* Competitive car upgrade system
* 9 outstanding tracks, both offroad and city with an amazing final ride you’ll definitely remember
* Non-linear gameplay path providing difficulty and challenge twists at every stage of the game
* Crazy drifts, plenty of smash, crash and traffic action at high speed race

Fight for survival in the Teleride - racing tournament. The race will select those with the strongest instinct to win. What counts is speed, racing skills, car u