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TabShop Point of Sale (POS) is a lightweight and completely local Point of Sale (POS) kiosk cashier and Paypal checkout solution for small and medium sized stores, kiosks and individual shops. The TabShop POS system is an affordable, local platform for running a shop, store or kiosk from an Android Tablet or to simply checkout an invoice. Instead of buying a high-prized traditional Point of Sales cashier system or checkout hardware, modern POS software systems such as TabShop POS can be used to record sales, discounts and taxes on sale invoices for business and tax purposes.

Immediately convert your Android Tablet into an intuitive and easy to use POS Point of Sale cashier and Paypal checkout invoice system that saves you time, money and trouble.

The free Android Tablet POS Point of Sale software offers full configuration of local taxes, individual discounts and products as well as to manage a stock of products and their cost prices.
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