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Solo AppLock-DIY&Privacy Guard

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Solo AppLock is the world’s most innovative and popular choice among users worldwide, due to it being highly customizable, taking up only a small amount of space on devices, and is the most secure app lock on the market. The app not only secures other applications but also protects your privacy from prying eyes. In addition it allows you to incorporate your photos into the lock interface, making it more personal.

*Customizable: you can use your photos of your friends and family in the design of your password, making a unique lockscreen.
*Password styles: such as gesture locks, photo locks, keypad locks and many more, including the ability to customize icons.
*Security: you can set the password for the apps installed on your devices, which provides a strong form of privacy protection.
*Small memory footprint: the installation package is only 2M of memory, which is 30% less than similar products.
*FREE: the developers have committed to ensuring that the app re