The traditional game of Klondike Solitaire rendered in beautiful 3D for your enjoyment.

This features normal and vegas scoring, touch move or drag and drop, autoplay and also unlimited undo moves. The 3D animation makes it a pleasure to play and fun to watch and win.

From the options you can set the game speed, background color and texture, even you own customized background image along with others settings.

Let me earn your 5 stars. For whatever reason this is not a 5 star game for you, tell me and I will try to make it so.

The Android permissions are only for the advertising. The Pro version requires no permissions.

Recent changes:
* Fine tuning to the Heyzap Leaderboard.
* If you manually redo undone moves, it won't clear the redo history.
* Minor bug fixes.

The update history is in the comments of the web page at

If this app doesn't work for you giving it 1 star won't fix it, but emailing me will! (After all, how can you rate what you cannot see?!?