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Photo & Picture Resizer

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Do you want to quickly reduce picture size?

Photo & Picture Resizer allows you easily reduce photo size without loosing quality. Resized pictures are automatically stored in 'Pictures/SimplePhotoResizer' directory. After resizing apps allows you to easily send much smaller picture via e-mail, MMS, SMS or share to Flickr, Facebook, Google+ etc.

* Absolutely free
* Original pictures are not touched
* Resized pictures are automatically saved in 'Pictures/SimplePhotoResizer' directory
* Very good quality of resized photos
* Browsing photos by gestures
* Reducing photo size maintain its quality
* Very good compression result (2MB picture is reducing to ~100 KB - for dimensions 800x600)
* Photos resized several times do not loosing quality
* Photo after resize can be easily:
** send via e-mail or MMS
** share to social media (Facebook, Google+, etc.)
* Predefined most used dimensions
* Possibility to define custom dimensions

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