NenaMark2 is an OpenGL|ES 2.0 benchmark for high-end mobile devices, continuing where the popular NenaMark1 left off with more advanced graphical effects and higher resolution graphics.

Unlike many other benchmarks, NenaMark measures performance using realistic scenes that could be taken from a typical game and presents the result in frames per second, i.e. providing an intuitive performance number that can be used for realistic comparisons between different devices.

Benchmark results from a wide variety of devices are available on the NenaMark site (

- Skeletal Animation (bones matrix animation), trees.
- Morph Target Animation (blend vertex sets), sun flowers along house wall.
- Bump Mapping (using normal map), stone walls on house.
- Water (reflections, normal animation, fresnel effect), the lake.
- Cloud System (advanced particle system), clouds.
- Cube Map Reflections (w/ dynamic cube map generation), windows on house.
- Smoke (advanced parti