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****In case of problems with IVONA voice update****

* Go to Google Play.
* Click the Menu button and choose 'My applications'.
* Choose the IVONA voice (e.g. IVONA Amy British English Beta) and click the Update button.
* When download is finished launch the IVONA application to complete the update process.
* If required, proceed with the IVONA Text-to-Speech HQ update.
* Go to Android system settings and open your Text-to-speech settings menu.
* Change the Default Engine to Pico and listen to the example.
* Change the default Engine back to IVONA Text-to-Speech HQ and set the language of the synthesizer.

If these instruction do not help, please restart your device. For more information visit http://mobile.ivona.com/faq/android

IVONA will read aloud on your Android:
* directions while driving with Google Navigation;
* e-books with apps like Book Speech and ReadBoox;
* SMS messages for safe driving with Handcent SMS, Drive Carefully, etc.;
* social news feeds like Facebook and Twit