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HUDWAY — GPS Navigation HUD

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HUDWAY helps you drive safer in fog, rain, heavy snow, in dusk and darkness. It builds the route you’re driving, and reflects it on the windshield as a Head-Up Display. Together with timely voice hints on the approaching road bends, the information displayed on your windshield is easy to perceive and use. You’re always aware of what’s ahead — a straight run or a ramp-turn.

— Head-Up Display in any car
— Google and OpenStreetMap (OSM) available
— Professional Voice Assistance
— Turn-by-Turn directions
— 3D road view
— Customizable road visualization
— Average and maximum speed calculation
— Acceleration 0-100 km/h (0-60 mph) calculation
— Exact speed calculation by means of accelerometer
— Save routes to drive them later, offline
— Track the route when driving it
— Share routes and results with your friends (Facebook, Twitter)
— Check for other users routes nearby
— Use Hudway for race competitions — build routes and compete with your