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Get current market silver and gold prices. View updates for major precious metals with value calculator as well as historical and spot prices.
Application provides the following features:
- Precious metals prices in your national currency.
- Determine the value of your items depending on their purity.
- Gold silver spot prices with charts.
- Simple currency converter with more than 90 currencies.
- Purity presented in carats and european decimal hallmark stamps.
- View historical data for the last 20 years with interactive chart.
- All daily market rates on one screen.
- Markup and discount option gives the possibility to adjust the results.
- Big list of weights for max precision.
- Platinum and Palladium as additional metals.
- The last value retained so the calculation available offline.
- Suitable as scrap gold and silver calculator
- Nice and easy to use UI.
- Full tablets support in portrait and landscape mode.
- Swipe to refresh.
Weights list contains - gram, ounce, troy ounce,