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OFFLINE EMERGENCY TOOL build up on 100 of thousands real life processed emergency situations over the past two years. A unique search that is build for you, for every person. Please take some time to explore the app.

Comprehensive Medical Health Guide & symptom checker designed to help in Emergency First Aid, Home or Outdoor. 24/7 access to health information.
+ Now features a simplify quick links for easy First Aid and Emergency Medical content access and Symptoms Checker.
+ Lab values and tests.
+ Natural search, based on comprehensive our search engine (with evaluating local conditions, medical history, signs & symptom and more).
+ Ranking emphasis on Medical First Aid and life threatening conditions and is result of about a million real time searches performed. Outdoors, home and car medical topics. + Internet connectivity is not required, after init sync for the medical articles.
+ Our content is original (no infomercials), 100% written and edited by MDs. We are not compromisin