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Facebook Video Downloader

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This application can help you to download video and photo from Facebook to your own phone.
The newly released 'Fun TV' feature on Facebook, one of the most Hot funny video!!
So you can see and manage the files whenever and wherever.
View directly from the app, download on my phone and send it to a friend!!
It's Free!!

1. You can download all kind of video and pictures on Facebook
2. Fun TV on Facebook the most popular and funny pages you can see a video of it.
3. You can see a list of all files you downloaded and also manage them at once. (Share and Delete)
4. You can share the files through other SNS or applications.

# How to download Video
1. Click a video on Facebook
2. Choose [Facebook Downloader]
3. Done!

# How to download a Picture
1. See the picture on Facebook
2. Click 'Share' on option menu
3. Choose [Facebook Downloader] and Done!

# All files are downloaded at sdcard/Facebook Downloader

# You can download pictures from all kinds of application besides Facebook