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Easy Photo Editor gives you easy access to photo editing features right on your phone.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There have been many bad rating stating that this app would be a virus - i can assure you: it is not! Some apps like "Dr. Web" report the LoadBolt SDK as "Adware" (not Virus!). Of course it is Adware, it shows ads, common...

Easy Photo Editor saves your edited photos in FULL HIRES RESOLUTION! :D

rogier666 on XDA: "[...] it looks like your app is the first (free) photo editor that doesn't kill the exif tags. Congrats!"

Thanks to Aviary Android SDK, you can place texts on your photos, crop, rotate, apply effects, and many more...

You can select your local photos or choose to browse your Facebook photos and those of your Facebook friends.

Easy Photo Editor also easily integrates with all your existing photo apps: simply use the share/send function of those apps and choose Easy Photo Editor to handle it :)

Permissions explained:
VIBRATE: Aviary SDK for vibration feedback