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Countdown Timer

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"Countdown Timer" makes taking time easy and fun. Just swipe and go!!

"Countdown Timer" is specialized on one thing only, so it could be the best tool for that task:

Quickly set any time period ❱ Start to count down the seconds to zero ❱ Get an alarm

"Beautiful and robust timer. I use times for all sorts of things, this is one of the prettiest I have seen."
- selected "App of the Day" March 7, 2013 by DroidOfTheDay (DotD)

✔ App Widget supported
. . . Minimalist and elegant 2x1 design
. . . Updates every second, but only when running and the screen is on - to save battery.

✔ Very reliable
. . . Runs in the background
. . . Wakes up the device if needed
. . . Continues after boot
. . . Survives most task killers & battery optimizers (Not all - exclude me just in case)
. . . Warns you when your ringtone is missing (ie. was on SD) or alert volume level is low
. . . Battery efficient: Not eating battery when not visibly running
. . . and more

✔ Fun and Easy to use
. . .