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Bring! – the smart shopping list with push notifications for your family, shared flat or household.

Quick and easy
Bring! allows you to create a shopping list in seconds. At a glance, Bring! informs you which items still need to go into the shopping cart. And thanks to the automatic sorting, shopping is a breeze.

Shared shopping with Bring! Plus
Bring! Plus focuses on your family or shared flat. You can share your list and send push notifications regarding your shopping trip with Bring! Plus. This way you will not only know what is missing at home, but also who will go shopping. This saves time and money. Changes within Bring! Plus are instantly synced to all household devices.

Reduced to the basics
Bring! speaks your language and is easy to use. Simple and intuitive: no frills, only the functions you really need.

With the Bring! shopping list, the fun begins before your shopping trip – when planning your meals, on your way to work or when you run out of milk. Forget you