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Bricknoid 2: Brick Breaker

Live Wallpaper
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Bricknoid 2 is a classic brick breaking game like Arkanoid, Breakout and dxBall, in which you break bricks controlling your paddle and ball. Are you up to the challenge of becoming the ultimate brick breaker?

- Sequel to the original Bricknoid, where billions of bricks have already been broken!
- Live Wallpaper! Yes, Bricknoid 2 is also a Live Wallpaper for free!
- Beautiful, colorful and customizable HD graphics!
- 80 Unique Fun Levels, and more brick breaking levels are added each update!
- Extreme Challenge Mode with unlimited bricks to break!
- 3 difficulty levels, Easy, Normal and Hard.
- Online scoreboards for Extreme Challenge Mode.
- Game statistics; total bricks broken, time played, and more!
- Optimized for both smartphones and tablets.
- Share your Extreme Challenge High Scores on Facebook, let your friends know you're awesome in Bricknoid 2: Brick Breaker!

Coming soon
- More brick breaker levels

- Because Bricknoid 2 is a Live Wallpaper, it unfortunately