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Blood Pressure (My Heart)

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This application helps in controlling blood pressure and improves the method of dealing with hypertension.
With it you can easily store and analyze all of your blood pressure measurements .
It also generates ancillary information necessary for the proper treatment of arterial hypertension, which you can directly send to the doctor on a specially generated reports.

Key features:
★ Very easy to use user interface
★ Save a blood pressure measurement
★ Edit and update the measurements
★ Describing measurements with:
● Tags - write short descriptions and use them repeatedly
● Date and time of blood pressure measurement
● The values ​​of blood pressure - systolic, diastolic, pulse and weight
● Description
★ Support for multiple users.
★ Interactive charts visualizing trends in blood pressure
★ Stats: Pulse pressure, MAP - Mean Arterial Pressure, Pressure Indicator, Average Blood Pressure
★ Export data to a file :
● PDF - detailed reports
★ Rem