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Start saving on your intercity travel with BlaBlaCar, the best free app to cheaply get from city A to city B.

BlaBlaCar connects people looking for a ride with drivers who have empty seats so they can share their costs.

>FIND A RIDE: Search thousands of rides available every day, and choose one to your destination, at an unbeatably low price – even last minute. Top carpooling routes are London-Manchester £15, Birmingham-Leeds £8, London-Paris £24. It’s a third of the price of most trains (even more so last minute), and much more convenient than buses.

>OFFER A RIDE: Don’t drive long distances alone with empty seats, share your trip with passengers and cover your fuel costs! The price per seat and the number of seats you can offer are limited because BlaBlaCar is designed for drivers to offset their driving costs and not to make a profit.

Please note that all ABI motor insurers have agreed that if drivers don’t make a profit and offer rides in vehicles seating no mor