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Angry Tube - Taps Floppy Bird

Arcade & Action
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In a far far away galaxy, from a parallel universe, where little flappy tubes have feelings and the only enemies are the clumsy birds , a new angry champion is born. Tubby ,a little tube that has swore revenge to the bird who came in his path . He is so angry that bird armies of little flappy wings won't let him reach home , in his desire to find his angry brothers. Will he start on an endless road or fail on the way to his home? Enter a wonderful adventure where badges seem to be the only thing you will get and help Tubby get close but still so far from his home!
Get your revenge now as Tubby is very angry!!

Game features:
-Simple as it could be: Tap on the screen and flappy Tubby will go up.
-Very funny to think you are playing a little tube and a very challenging world that is hard to master.
-Half new , "half old " graphics since everybody "loves" the Flappy bird game so much.
-Badge system that will expand in the near future with an awesome quantified system ( Upcoming Version 1.